About Us

Hey There!

I originally started Simply Regal back in 2013. I was a new mom & looking for ways to feed my creative side. While my initial focus was on embroidery and vinyl customization, things changed for me in 2019. I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer and decided to take a break from my business to focus on my family and health. I remember going through the hair loss process and wondering how to present my current best self. Every wig I tried, I loathed. The head wraps only lasted 5 minutes before I got a hot flash and snatched them right off. I had no lashes to add mascara too and no hair to pull up in a messy bun. Both were part of my signature go-to style! Between the downtime with chemo, surgery, and a pandemic, I had nowhere to go and idle hands. My daughter and I were always up for trying new crafts to occupy our time at home. One day, she suggested we try making earrings. I was amazed by how much putting on a pair of our earrings boosted my confidence and spirits overall. So from that emotional inspiration, I changed directions. Since then, I have been working with multiple mediums and creating earrings with the hopes of allowing everyone to feel their best self even when they don't think they look it. A portion of all my proceeds goes towards earrings we donate to breast cancer patients and survivors to remind them they are always "ready" to face whatever the day holds.

I couldn't be here without your support, so thank you kindly.

XO, Nicole